Filey Caravan Holidays

Mission Statement for Supported Holidays

Filey Holidays and Respite provides holidays for adults with a learning disability. Adults with a learning disability who are over retirement age may holiday with Filey Holidays and Respite if, following an assessment it is determined that the accommodation, activities, care support and general ethos are appropriate.

STAFF Staff numbers vary, according to the number of holidaymakers. During peak season additional staff are employed. All staff are required to undertake common induction standards training and have regular updates. Filey Holidays and Respite places considerable emphasis on on-the-job training and actively encourages routine discussion of individual cases both to explore the needs of individual holidaymakers and to develop understanding of the basic principles involved. Training needs are reviewed on a monthly basis via a staff meeting and further training and courses are accessed as required and when available.

AGE AND SEX OF HOLIDAYMAKERS Holidaymakers visiting Filey Holidays and Respite must be at least 18 years of age. Holidaymakers may be either male or female. There is no upper age limit but all holidaymakers must be capable of participating in the holiday programme which involves outings by car each day. Holidaymakers with limited mobility are accepted.

RANGE OF CARE NEEDS Filey Holidays and Respite provide holidays for adults with a learning disability. Holidaymakers usually stay for one week at a time, with many returning for holidays year after year. The holiday programme involves daily outings, with transport and support staff provided, to destinations of the holidaymakers’ collective choice.

NURSING CARE No nursing care is provided by Filey Holidays and Respite. If specific nursing needs are identified, such as insulin injections, dressing changes, these must be arranged by the local Health Centre on behalf of each holidaymaker prior to arrival. The holidaymaker or their usual carers are responsible for making these arrangements.

ADMISSION CRITERIA All holidaymakers are expected to be reasonably independent in terms of personal care. About a third of holidaymakers need some degree of assistance with their personal care. The degree of help is assessed in discussion, usually by telephone, with the carer or other person responsible for making the booking. Filey Holidays and Respite has overall responsibility for the assessment of care needs. Filey Holidays and Respite does not carry out any personal care. If a holidaymaker requires personal care then we can arrange for a CQC registered Healthcare Agency to provide this service. The cost of this service will be passed onto the holidaymaker. Holidaymakers with mobility problems are accepted provided that they can load bear and, with assistance, access both cars. A proportion of holidaymakers are accepted each week who need to use a wheelchair when outside the accommodation. Normally, holidaymakers would bring their own wheelchair. Locally-hired wheelchairs may be ordered prior to the holiday and a supplementary charge will be made. Filey Holidays and Respite does not supply wheelchairs. Filey Holidays and Respite does not accept holiday makers with seriously disruptive behaviour that will impact on the quality of the holiday for other holidaymakers. Filey Holidays and Respite reserves the right to terminate a holiday if it transpires that an inappropriate booking has been made due to the failure to disclose relevant information prior to the start of the holiday.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Holidaymakers normally visit Filey Holidays and Respite for one week at a time, Friday to Friday. After the evening meal on the day of arrival, an introductory meeting is held for holidaymakers. Ideas for possible activities are discussed with holidaymakers via an activity book from which a choice of outings for the week is complied. Plans are reviewed in the light of changing circumstances, such as inappropriate weather conditions. Holidaymakers are free to suggest any holiday activity within North Yorkshire, although advice is given if something proposed which is not considered good value or is age inappropriate. Holidaymakers have the opportunity to access local community events and facilities, such as the theatre and cinema etc.

CONSULTATION As outlined above, holidaymakers are fully involved in the selection of activities for the daily programme. Obviously, it is not practical to consult over longer term issues about the operation of the holidays, although general feedback is used to review procedures on a regular basis.

FIRE PRECAUTIONS Filey Holidays and Respites’ accommodation is fitted with all required fire precautions. Both the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are tested weekly and records are duly kept. The fire extinguishers are tested annually by the local fire brigade. Holidaymakers are shown where the fire exits are when they arrive. It is not considered appropriate to hold fire drills with holidaymakers.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES At the meeting on the first day holidaymakers are asked if they wish to attend a local church and arrangements are made to accompany them if requested. There are only facilities for Christian worship in the locality – other faiths and religions have limited facilities in Filey, although every effort will be made to support holidaymaker’s needs within the community.

CONTACT WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND REPRESENTATIVES The principle links between the holidaymaker and their family, friends or carers are postcards. Each day there is a session at which staff assist holidaymakers to send postcards if required. The degree of support depends on the individual holidaymaker’s ability and ranges from writing the card through to general support about what to say. In each case the holidaymaker makes some positive contribution, such as signing their name or making their mark.

COMPLAINTS At the meeting on the first evening, holidaymakers are advised on the range of problems they may wish to raise with staff, including any failure with facilities provided in their room or elsewhere in the accommodation. Any issues are dealt with as soon as possible and logged.

REVIEW OF HOLIDAYMAKER NEEDS Once a booking is received, Filey Holidays and Respite makes an assessment based on information available of the likely degree of care needed. In all cases a support form is issued to the person making the booking. This requests comprehensive amount of information considered necessary, on the basis that the privacy of the holidaymaker should not be impacted by asking for information unrelated to the holiday. At the end of the holiday the information received is reviewed and a summary is kept on file, which can be easily accessed if a further booking is made for the holidaymaker. Care is taken to ensure that up to date information is always requested when a repeat booking is made.

ROOMS Most same sex holidaymakers will be required to share a twin room, unless a specific request has been made during the booking process. If a holidaymaker requires a room to themselves, for whatever reason, then a single room supplement will be charged.

PRIVACY AND DIGNITY OF HOLIDAYMAKERS The most important principle guiding the provision of holidays at Filey Holidays and Respite is to maximise the extent to which the experience is like that of anyone else visiting Filey and staying with us. Holidaymakers are given as many opportunities as possible to express their wishes about the content of the holiday. In each activity there is a chance to express choice, self advocacy being actively promoted. Only information necessary for meeting needs during the holiday is requested and, as far as possible, the responsibility for providing appropriate and sufficient information lies with the person making the booking. Filey Holidays and Respite will seek to check the validity of that information as far as possible.